Italy’s private equity weekly roundup. News from Progressio, HAT Orizzonte, Augens, BMO, Giochi Preziosi, Stock, Nexi, EOS, De Nora, Benvic, F2A, Apollo

Private equity firms are very active in Italy in these days as for fundraising, acquisitions, and add-ons. Progressio, the Italian midmarket private equity firm, acquired a controlling stake in Gampack, an Italian producer of industrial machinery for packaging (see here a previous post by BeBeez). Sources said to BeBeez that Progressio will buy 70% of the business from Luciano Gandini and ceo Giuseppe Gazzola that will keep the remaining shares. Gazzola will be Gampack’s chairman, Amedeo Scapin will replace him as ceo and will invest in the company. Gampack generates abroad 80% of its sales of 12 million of euros, with an ebitda of 4 million and will invest the proceeds of this transaction in M&A and organic growth. In the last few days, Progressio signed a fourth fundraising closing for 185 million ahead of a target of 225 million and a hard cap of 250 million (see here a previous post by BeBeez). The firm received commitment for investing from 50 subscribers, 21% of them are foreigners and 65% are institutional investors. Filippo Gaggini, Angelo Piero La Runa, Nino Mascellaro, Progressio’s partners, subscribed 5% of the fund that has resources for 500 million. HAT Orizzonte invested 3 million of euros for acquiring through a capital increase 43% of Advice Group, promotion, loyalty & community marketing firm (see here a previous post by BeBeez). Fulvio Furbatto, ceo and founder of the company, will keep a controlling stake in the busines[...]

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