A foreign fund puts forward a 270 mln euros offer for all assets of defaulted shipping company RBD Armatori

Source: RBD's fleet valuation Report by prof. Mauro Bini, filed to the Torre Annunziata Court Surprisingly, there would be a 270 million euro purchase offer for all the assets of defaulted Naples-based shipping company RBD Armatori by a foreign investment fund,  Transport Europa writes, stating that the offer was filed to the Torre Annunciata Court by B&G in the past few days. It is not clear at the moment whether B&G is a vehicle controlled by the French hedge fund Boussard & Gavaudan or to an entity controlled by the private equity fund Reuben Brothers. The latter has its own headquarters in Italy and specializes in investments in the shipping sector through the companies Rb Shipping and Rb British Marine (a few years ago it had the opportunity to do business with another Italian shipping company, Scerni di Navigazione). Also according to Transport Europa, in this project to purchase and relaunch RBD Armatori, the current RBD's ceo Giuseppe Mauro Rizzo may also be involved in some way. The proposal arrives on the eve of the deadline stated for the auction launched by the Court for the sale of the main assets of the RBD group. Last December the Torre Annunziata Court had actually set the date of February 15th as the deadline for submitting offers for the purchase of both the shipping branch of RDB Armatori (the 13 dry and liquid bulk carriers of the fleet, plus employees and rental contracts ) at a base price of 190 million dollars (see here [...]

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