L’erba del vicino: L’Estonia sospende le carte d’identità (smartcard) per problemi di sicurezza

Link articolo originaleArchivio di tutti i clip: <a href="http://clips.quintarelli.it">clips.quintarelli.it (Notebook di Evernote).Estonia freezes resident ID cards due to security flaw The flaw makes Estonians vulnerable to identity theft. Getty Images Estonia's residents use their mandatory national IDs to access pretty much anything, from online banking to online voting. So, it was a huge blow to the program when experts found a security flaw in the chip the ID used that makes it possible for bad players to impersonate and steal the identities of all 760,000 affected individuals. That might not sound like a huge number, but that's half the small country's population. Now, the country has blocked most of its residents from accessing all its online services for a weekend, so it can go in and and fix the vulnerability. All ID cards issued from October 2014 to October 25th, 2017 will be frozen until their owners apply for updated certificates with the fix. They can do that online, but the online service kept crashing over the past week, leading people to flock to police stations and other government offices to get their IDs updated. For now, only medical professionals and the most frequent users will be able to apply for updated certificates online, but Estonia will open up the s[...]

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