Italy’s NPLs and private debt weekly roundup. News from Prestiamoci, De Cecco, FAB Group, Arte Bianca, CMC, Tenax Capital, Spaxs

The Italian markets for NPLs and private debt keep their activity at a steady level. Prestiamoci, the Italian peer to peer lending platform, placed its first senior securitization of a portfolio of consumer credits through the spv P2P Lendit (see here a previous post by BeBeez). Banca Valsabbina invested 6 million of euros in senior tranches (80% of the total with a 3.75% yield) while Prestiamoci acquired the junior tranches (20% of the total with a 7.5% yield). This transaction begun on 30 October and will have an eighteen-months period of ramp-up for selling tranches for 25 million, said Paolo Gesa, head of Banca Valsabbina Business unit, to BeBeez. Daniele Loro, ceo of Prestiamoci, said to BeBeez that could launch a new securitisation within the next 12 months. In 3Q18, Prestiamoci issued 457 loans worth 5.2 million (335 loans worth 3.5 million yoy). Digital Magics, Innogest, Banca Sella holding, Club Italia Investimenti 2and further Italian and foreign investors hold interest in Prestiamoci. Italian food producer De Cecco listed a 21 million of euros worth minibond on Milan ExtraMot Pro (see here a previous post by BeBeez). This issuance will mature on 29 November 2024 with an amortising repayment structure and a reimbursement that will begin on 29 May 2021 and with a 4.107% coupon. De Cecco issued also an unlisted minibond worth 4 million due to mature on 30 November 2023 with an amortising repayment structure and a reimbursement that will begi[...]

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