Do Facebook and Google have control of their algorithms anymore? (Bell’articolo, da leggere)

Link articolo originaleArchivio di tutti i clip: <a href=""> (Notebook di Evernote).Do Facebook and Google have control of their algorithms anymore? A sobering assessment and a warning By Melody Kramer · November 14, 2017 If you searched Google immediately after the recent mass shooting in Texas for information on the gunman, you would have seen what Justin Hendrix, the head of the NYC Media Lab, called a “misinformation gutter.” A spokesperson for Google later gave a statement to Gizmodo that placed blame squarely on an algorithm: "The search results appearing from Twitter, which surface based on our ranking algorithms, are changing second by second and represent a dynamic conversation that is going on in near real-time. For the queries in question, they are not the first results we show on the page. Instead, they appear after news sources, including our Top Stories carousel which we have been constantly updating. We’ll continue to look at ways to improve how we rank tweets that appear in search." In other words, it was an algorithm — not a human making editorial decisions — that was responsible for this gaffe. But as Gizmodo’s Tom McKay pointed out, this kind of framing is intentional and used frequently by Twitter and other social networks when problems arise. He writes: “Google, Twitter, and Facebook have all regularly shifted the blame to algorithms when this happens, but [...]

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